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James Tucker

Director of Britcar Ltd and Britcar 24 Hr Ltd, James vision, tenacity, and single-minded determination (often against considerable adversity) have developed Britcar from a club saloon endurance series into an two discrete internationally-acclaimed endurance championships for GT and Touring cars.

An experienced tin-top driver himself, James is a veteran of over a dozen Nurburgring and Willhire 24 hour races, and the man who galvanised inter-marque saloon racing by forming the Super Coupe series, before realising his ultimate vision with the re-introduction of serious 24-hour racing in the UK, with the Silverstone 24 hours in 2005, and it by his singular willpower and resoluteness that Britcar has expanded to the championships we have today.

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David Hornsey

David is the Britcar Championship co-ordinator, and on racedays handles Data Logging matters and oversees logistics. He has a wealth of experience in motorsport, as a qualified ARDS instructor, corporate instructor, racer (Road Saloons, Caterhams, Tuscans), and team management, and currently competes in the CSCC Future Classics series. David is also a qualified Civil Engineering design technician.


Steve Wood (Press Officer)

Woody has been reporting on Britcar races since the end of the first season in 2002, and has a vast knowledge of sportscar, saloon and endurance racing garnered over nearly 50 enthusiastic years. As well as reports and previews, Steve can raise the profile of teams and drivers with well-placed personally-slanted articles and features. Outside of Britcar, he is a qualified production engineer, and former magistrate.

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Alison Light

Alison has been with Britcar for 2 years and runs the financial side of the company. She works part time for Britcar and part time as Sports Masseur and Rugby Physio. Alison would be only to happy to assist with any invoice or payment issue you may have.

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Brian Jones (Commentator)

Brian's legend precedes him, being one of the country's most experienced and revered trackside commentators, having taken up the microphone 40 years ago after successful careers as a Rugby Union player, and with Shell Oils. His knowledge of UK racing, and its participants current and past, is unsurpassed.