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The Britcar Trophy Championship is designed for the Gentleman Drivers who wishes to enjoy shorter races to the existing Britcar Endurance Races. being able to have a break between races, so they can recharge the batteries in the Britcar Hospitality. The format is simple, 30 min qualifying, with 2 x45 minute races, mostly all on one day, saving hotel bills. Races are usually on the sunday and the teams get the usage of garages.

The Silverstone International, Donington International, Thruxton, Snetterton, Silverstone Grand Prix are all on the calendar this year and all top line circuits. With the opportunity to test on the Friday, much like Golfers have a play day once a month, the emphasis is on fun.

The rolling starts will give confidence to the teams of the way in which Britcar polices a non-contact sport and the mandatory pit-stop will bring the opportunity for professionals to take part. The class structure is the same as Britcar Endurance and there is no reason for the Trophy teams not to join in with an odd round of the Endurance Races in 2015.

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