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KartForce offer fuel card to support charity


KartForce are offering an exciting new charity fuel scheme.

It’s the first and only charity fuel card in the UK that allows companies to purchase their fuel with a percentage automatically donated to charity.

This is a simple and fantastic way for you to support KartForce.  You just carry on buying your fuel and KartForce will benefit.

Please check out the attached information. click here

I hope you will agree to supporting this scheme as this could be an extremely valuable source of donations for KartForce.

We’re going to create a new page on our web site where we’ll proudly list all the tracks and companies supporting us with this fuel scheme.

If you’re interested, please  the name and phone number of the person that deals with this, and KartForce get PCS to call and go through the process.

Many thanks for your support.



Dave Player

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