Officials Expression of Interest

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A core ingredient of any event is the dedicated work of marshals and officials who make the event what it is, with their hours of tireless work put in throughout the race weekend.

The DUNLOP 24 HOURS at SILVERSTONE is now calling for officials and marshals to join the team over the weekend. There will be additional training about one month prior to the event to bring all involved up to speed to ensure a seamless event is ran.

Each official that is involved in the running of the event will receive a “goodie bag” inclusive of meal vouchers.

Send us a email expressing you interest containing:

Name (First & Last)

Contact Email Address

Contact Telephone Number

Please make sure to place in the subject line: “DUNLOP 24 HOUR RACE OFFICIALS”

You will then be added to a mailing list, and we will be in contact with you shortly to discuss the next steps in the process.

Click to register your interest in attending the 24 HOURS at SILVERSTONE as an official.


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