Previous Winners

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24 Hour Winners List

1980 Wilhire 24 Hours P Hall/P Dowsett/M Carroll/S Fox/ H Irvine/A Jeffrey 2.8 Opel Commodore GS/E Snetterton
1981 Wilhire 24 Hours M Carroll/P Hall/A Rouse/S Fox/P Dowsett 2.8 Opel Commodore GS/E Snetterton
1982 Wilhire 24 Hours R Wells/C Alford/M Pau 3.5 Morgan Plus 8 Snetterton
1983 Wilhire 24 Hours T Dron/W Percy/A Rouse/P Dowsett 4.6 Porsche 928S Snetterton
1984 Wilhire 24 Hours B Taylor/P Edwards/B Robinson/J Lock 2.7 Porsche Carrera RS Snetterton
1985 Wilhire 24 Hours R Eaton/D Oates/J Clarke 2.8i Ford Capri Snetterton
1986 Wilhire 24 Hours M Smith/L Abbott Ford Escort RS Turbo Snetterton
1987 Wilhire 24 Hours R Gravett/G Hathaway/P Bullman Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Snetterton
1988 Wilhire 24 Hours L Abbott/ G Scarborough Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Snetterton
1989 Wilhire 24 Hours M Hales/S Borgudd Ford Sapphire Cosworth Snetterton
1990 Wilhire 24 Hours M Neil/Dave Wallis/S Mcrudden BMW M3 Snetterton
1991 Wilhire 24 Hours K Luby/W Hoy/Ray Bellm BMW M3 Snetterton
1992 Wilhire 24 Hours M Jordan/S Griffin/G Coombes BMW M3 Snetterton
1993 Wilhire 24 Hours M Jordan/M Butt/C Cox/J Morrison BMW M3 Snetterton
1994 Wilhire 24 Hours N Torregiani/D Delaronde/ A Jeffrey/J Prochowski Ford Escort RS Cosworth Snetterton
2002 Dunlop Wilhire 6 Hours A Donaldson/G Povey BMW M3 E36 Snetterton
2003 Britcar 500 Willhire J Cowgill/C Lockie BMW M3 E36 Snetterton
2004 Britcar 300 Willhire H Handkammer/D Leslie BMW M3 E36 Snetterton
2005 Britcar 24 Hour M Short/SBaife/J Derbshire/NJacobs Mosler Silverstone
2006 Britcar 24 Hour D Quester/D Werner/T Mullen/J Cambekk-Wakter BMW Z4 Silverstone
2007 Britcar 24 Hour D Quester/D Werner/J Stuck/J Cambekk-Wakter BMW Z4 Silverstone
2008 Britcar 24 Hour M Sumpter/A Slater/A Purdie Porsche 997 RSR Silverstone
2009 Britcar 500 A Beaumont/P Gormley/B Clucas Mosler Silverstone
2010 Britcar 24 Hour W Gamski/J Gaw/K Robinson/P Dryburgh Ferrari 430 GTC Silverstone
2011 Britcar 24 Hour S McInerney/M McInerney/P Keen Ferrari 430 GTE Silverstone
2012 Britcar 24 Hour R Abra/M Poole/C Bardwell/M Symons BMW E46 GTR Silverstone
2013 Britcar 1000k R Abra/M Poole Aston Martin Vantage GT2 Silverstone
2015 Dunlop 24 Hours at Silverstone ? ? Silverstone

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