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Renault Megane drive available for the Dunlop 24hr


Equipe Verschuur are offering drives in their Renault Megane endurance silhouette car. The Megane packs a hefty 400hp under the bonnet that Frans (company owner) states “it’s as fast as a Porsche 997, not the 991 that one is 2 seconds faster!”.

The approximate cost for a seat is 18,750 euro, based on a team of 4 drivers; however a 5 driver line-up is also possible of course. The price includes insurance for the car.

The team are highly experienced at endurance racing and have driven in the Creventic 24 hour series in the SP2 class, finishing every race on the podium.

If you are interested in, please contact Frans Vershuur at 

megane 98 nieuwjaarsrace 2014
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