The End Of Season 2013


Well it is not often I come onto the website to post, but after Donington and Brands Night Races, I thought it would be a good time to thank you all for supporting me and to my staff and volunteers, I thank them for believing in me.

The future looks really good and the new support from the new and older Sponsors, and with the savings we are making by consolidating some staff roles, no MSA British title, reorganising hospitality and the weekend timetables, we are back for most of the race weekends next year to single days and reduced entry fees. eg. this year £3000 for 3hours, next year £1500 for four hours , but only if you pay before the season starts , otherwise it will be around £1700, still a considerable saving over the year of thousands of pounds.

Those from BGT or GT Cup will be able to race on their own tyres Avon or Pirelli for the first round (with permission of Britcar in writing) and will get points. The new points system will allow us to run with no invitation class, everyone gets points. Two 90-minute races and two 30-minute qualifying seasons. Joint grids at some rounds, for example Spa Francorchamps in June for a four hour evening race on Saturday between 6 – 10 pm. No more mandatory fuel, although Sunoco is still available at a cheaper price. Dunlop will stay for their 12 year with HP Tyres.

The regulations have been rewritten and Mike Hibbins, chief scrutineer, has been on a new course with Race Technology which included the new upgraded support package, which speeds up the process of power assessment, to the extent you can ask him to do it at any time, as it is all but instant. Tony Watts stays as Permanent Clerk of the Course and Dave Pierre Senior International Clerk. Judith Hibbins will take the office of permanent race sec and Alison Light, Office Coordinator and last but not least Margaret Watts is Race Coordinator, freeing me up to be Event Promoter and Director. the BRSCC will run the events as they do with BGT and the new class structure will ease the grey areas where older cars no not quite fit. A new class which is GTE AND GTC will see to that.

The new regulations will be available very soon, with the dates for the year ahead. Once again thank you and I will be in touch. Sportingly
James Tucker

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