Regulations signed off by the MSA

We are pleased to announce that the regulations for all championships have been finalised and signed off by the MSA. Published copies are available on the website here.

Please note an important change by the MSA; a minimum of National A licence is required for the MSA British Dunlop Endurance championship & Dunlop Sports and Touring Championship. The Britcar Trophy Championship is sill National B.

We very much look forward to seeing you this weekend at Silverstone for the first round!

Have a great season.

Kind regards,

The Britcar Team.


Provisional entry list – Round 1 Silverstone

We are pleased to provide you all with a peek at the provisional entry list for the first round of Britcar, next weekend at Silverstone.

If anyone has any alterations they would like made could they please get in touch with Claire on:

Have a great weekend!

Here is also a link to the event page: Link


No Garage Driver Driver 2 Team Vehicle Details


6 7B Mike Millard XXX Rock C Rapier SR2
10 7A Daniel Gibson TBA Gibson Motorsport Mclaren 650 S GT3
15 7C Simon Phillips TBA Motionsport WOLF CN2000
TBA TBA Mr Jakeman TBA CN Tiga


1 8B David Mason Calum Lockie FF Corse Ferrari 458 Challenge
35 9A Nick Holden TBA Holden Autosport Ariel Atom
47 10C Neil Primrose Nick Barrow Saxon Motorsport BMW 150 GTR


11 10C Luca Demarchi TBA Saxon Motorsport BMW 135D
32 10B Ian Anderson Amanda Black Lifetime Racing Ginetta G55 GT4
41 9B TBA TBA Beechdean Motorsport Aston Martin GT4
44 12E Hans van Beek Joey van Beek Ciass Racing BMW E46 M3
55 12A Chris Brown Mika Brown 22GT Racing Aston Martin GT4
59 12B Shaun Goff TBA Optimum Motorsport Ginetta G55 GT4
60 12C Jonno Brown TBA Track Torque Racing Ltd Chevron GR8
88 11C Richard Neary Martin Short Rollcentre Racing BMW M3 GTR
TBA TBA Marcus Fothergill Dave Benett Porsche 996 GT3 2002

Class 4

67 12C Martin Parsons Track Torque Racing Ltd Seat Leon
69 7C Michael Smith XXX PDS Racing Seat Leon Supercopa 2L T
TBA TBA Martin Scheile TBA Martin Scheile BMW M3 Compact
TBA TBA Nick Jarvis Track Talk Audi



No Garage Driver Driver 2 Team Vehicle Details


2 8A Roger Whiteside XXX Richard Thorne Classic Cars Rapier SR2
3 8C Kevin Riley TBA TBA Mosler


22 9C Peter Challis TBA TBA TBA
29 11A Steve Glynn XXX Topcats Mosler
55 11B John Seale XXX FF Corse Ferrari 458 Challenge
59 11C Paul Ugo XXX Driver Ferrari 360 Challenge
77 11B Malcolm Jones XXX FF Corse Ferrari 430 Challenge


41 9B Paul Hollywood Andrew Howard Beechdean Motorsport Aston Martin GT4
42 12A Gary Furst XXX Driver Mitsubishi Evo 9
43 12B James Thorpe Sean McInerney Brunswich BMW 130
46 10A Rob Hedley XXX Britcar Chevrolet CR8

Class 4

62 12D Lee Allen TBA Team Compak Seat Leon Supercopa
63 TBA Darelle Wilson Ian Heward DW Racing VW Scirocco
81 12D Tony Skelton TBA TBA Renault Clio Turbo


Championship Fuel Regulation Change

The regulations regarding fuelling has changed for the following championships; The MSA British Dunlop Endurance Championship, Dunlop Sports and Touring Championship and Britcar Trophy Championship.

It is no longer mandatory to use Sunoco fuel in championship rounds, it is however recommended by Britcar. This alteration has been made in an attempt to reduce team costs over the season.

As per the regulations:

“ Pump fuel in accordance current MSA Yearbook, Section (B), Pump Fuel. Although not mandatory, Anglo American Oil Company Ltd can supply Sunoco Fuel onsite as per the FIA regulations (FIA Reference for Appendix J. Article 252. Article 9)”

Jem Marsh Founder of Marcos Cars

We have received some information about the loss of Jem Marsh, Founder of Marcos Cars.

He passed away early last week at the age of 84.

Marcos is a marque that we have been very familiar with at Britcar and Jem himself has been to a number of our events.

Jem’s family have been in touch, as they will be having a “Celebration of Jem’s Life” on Friday 20th March 2015, Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon, at 2.30.

Afterwards at Cumberwell Park Golf Club, Bradford on Avon.

We have a couple of photos of Jem, kindly provided by Gary Harman.


Jem Marsh Britcar Castle Coombe

Jem being interviewed on the Grid of Britcar race at Castle Combe

Jem Marsh Britcar topcats

Waving checkered flag as Topcats Marcos crosses the finish line

Round 4 Snetterton Date Change!

Just a quick important notice to competitors and spectators.

The 4th round of the 2015 Britcar season held at Snetterton has changed from the 29th-30th of August to the 30th-31st of August.

The MSA British Dunlop Endurance Championship and Dunlop Endurance Sports and Touring Championship will be held on the 30th. And the Britcar Trophy Championship will be on the 31st, both on the Snetterton 300 layout.

2015 European Stop – Zandvoort

This will be Britcar’s first visit to the world renown Zandvoort Circuit! Set on the coast of the Netherlands, it is one of the countries most outstanding tracks and favoured by DTM as the most popular stop outside of Germany. Just a stones throw away from the 9km sandy beach on the North Sea Coastline.


Zandoort gained its popularity due to its fast, sweeping corners such as Scheivlak and “Tarzanbocht”. Tarzanbocht (Tarzan corner) being the most famous for its positive camber, providing excellent overtaking opportunities, not only on the inside lane but also possible to pass around the outside.

This ideal location is a great to meet up with fellow drivers to go for a beer or two at one of the beach bars looking out over the expansive sandy beaches, or for the more adventurous, it is only half an hour to Amsterdam.


Walero Keep Your Cool Base Layers – Britcar Drivers 10%

Britcar drivers benefit from 10% off Walero products up to the end of 2015.

Walero provided us some information about their products:

“Walero base layers are the brainchild of Fiona James, a GT3 driver, they have been tried & tested in just about every situation during development, from ski-ing, cycling, & hill walking as well as in race cars by several people.

They came about when Fiona was looking at the technology for an equine product & asked if it was possible to add this into flame retardant fabric. Having experienced first hand the temperatures in a racecar, Fiona was keen to look at different ways to help reduce the heat stress suffered by drivers having found nothing suitable on the market that either didn’t cost huge sums of money or add lots of weight to the car.

Another thing Fiona was keen to address was the not so pleasant whiff of her kit bag after a weekends racing!

And so Walero was born. Fiona’s recently retired Olympic dressage horse was the inspiration & provided the name, & Fiona’s love of motorsports spurred things on.

What makes Walero products stand out from the crowd is the ability to actively regulate your temperature using technology developed for NASA to keep their astronauts never too hot, never too cold, but always just right. This uses microcapsules of a phase change material (pcm), which is incorporated into the yarn before the fabric is woven. It absorbs the heat energy. This will last for the lifespan of the garments.

The other technology we have utilised is an environmentally friendly anti-microbial additive. This works on bio-mimicry & was based on something the African Claw Toed Frog produces naturally! This will have a long lifespan in the garments but we are bringing out a laundry wash re-charge liquid so you can have all your kit smelling as sweet as you!

We do have other products coming out soon, including balaclavas, socks, & helmet (& boot!) sanitiser. There is also a second colour choice coming out soon.

Available exclusively through Grand Prix Racewear in the UK or direct with Walero or for more information & testimonials.”

Image 307   logo   Image 315

KartForce offer fuel card to support charity

KartForce are offering an exciting new charity fuel scheme.

It’s the first and only charity fuel card in the UK that allows companies to purchase their fuel with a percentage automatically donated to charity.

This is a simple and fantastic way for you to support KartForce.  You just carry on buying your fuel and KartForce will benefit.

Please check out the attached information. click here

I hope you will agree to supporting this scheme as this could be an extremely valuable source of donations for KartForce.

We’re going to create a new page on our web site where we’ll proudly list all the tracks and companies supporting us with this fuel scheme.

If you’re interested, please  the name and phone number of the person that deals with this, and KartForce get PCS to call and go through the process.

Many thanks for your support.



Dave Player

HM Government responds to E-petition

A couple of months ago we posted a link to an e-petition that wavered noise complaints made by new residents moving into the proximity of race track. The e-petition has to date over 39000 signatures. As the e-petition has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following response:

Introduction: The issues raised in this e-petition relate to land use in England and Wales. They touch on the law relating to the ownership of property and the private law of nuisance as well as the planning system, statutory nuisance and the regulation of public events. The underlying complaint is that new residents object to established activities within their new neighbourhood. Individuals are in general free to live in any part of England and Wales. They may buy, rent or be permitted to use a residence. On taking up residence they generally have the same rights as the existing inhabitants. Removing the rights of incomers to protect themselves against nuisances would discriminate against them and probably intensify the enquiries made by prospective residents, making transactions more complicated and expensive, as well as increasing the risk of post-transaction litigation about non-disclosure or limited disclosure.

The Government has no plans to change the law in this respect. The law of nuisance The private law of nuisance is a long-standing common law tort, or civil wrong, which affects a person’s private rights in relation to land. The law recognises that, in general, every person is entitled to the comfortable and healthy enjoyment of the land or premises owned or occupied by them. It is open to anyone with an interest in land to bring a civil claim where there has been an unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of their land as a result of the unreasonable use of neighbouring land by another person (the defendant).

Remedies available could include an injunction to moderate or cease the unreasonable use of the land and/or damages for the interference suffered. The standard to be applied by the courts in determining whether the claimant is entitled to a remedy is an objective one based on what is reasonable to the average person. It is also necessary to take account of the circumstances and nature of the locality in which the claimant is living.

While any benefit to the wider community arising from the defendant’s use of their land is not a defence against a claim, it may be a factor considered by the court when assessing if the use is reasonable. The fact that the defendant may have been using the land in that way before the claimant came to the vicinity is also not a defence, although the extent to which the claimant was aware of the activity when acquiring their interest in the land may be a factor that the court will consider as part of the overall picture.

Applying these general principles, the court has to reach a decision in the light of all the circumstances of the individual case. Achieving a just outcome in such civil disputes is a matter best left to the courts, and the Government has no plans to change the law in this area. There is also statutory nuisance legislation which draws on common law nuisance. It would apply to noise from premises that unreasonably and substantially interferes with a person’s enjoyment of their property or damages their health. It also places a duty on local authorities to take action, rather than individuals relying on seeking redress through the courts.

Before using this legislation, the local authority would assess whether a statutory nuisance exists based on the circumstances of the case, taking into account a range of factors including how the character of the locality (including existing noise sources) affects the situation. Individuals may also bring private actions under this legislation There are safeguards for motor sport venues in relation to complaints from nearby residents. When assessing statutory nuisance and deciding on potential enforcement action and whether mitigation measures are required, the venues – or any businesses – have a defence of best practicable means if they can demonstrate that they have done all they reasonably and practicably can to minimise the noise impact.

Planning: The planning system has an important role to play in helping to prevent nuisances occurring in the first place. National planning policy for England as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework expects local planning policies and decisions to avoid noise from giving rise to significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life as a result of new development, and mitigate and reduce to a minimum other adverse impacts on heath and quality of life arising from noise from new development, including through the use of conditions. However, it should be borne in mind that the grant of planning permission does not license a nuisance and in some cases businesses may need to do more than just comply with their planning conditions to avoid causing a nuisance.

Where appropriate, the courts will look at planning decisions and compliance with any planning decisions when assessing whether a nuisance exists. Elements of an ‘agent of change” or “right of first occupant” principle already exist within national planning policy and guidance.

The National Planning Policy Framework, for example, states that existing businesses wanting to develop in continuance of their business should not have unreasonable restrictions put on them because of changes in nearby land uses since they were established. In particular, the planning guidance supporting the Framework directly addresses the issue of noise sensitive developments, like new residential developments, where there is an existing noise source and includes advice on noise mitigation measures.

In a recent update of the guidance, the Department for Communities and Local Government underlined planning’s contribution to avoiding future complaints including through looking to developers building new homes near venues giving rise to noise to include sound-proofing in the homes.

Motor sports venues The Government fully recognises the huge popularity of motor sport in this country both on 2 and 4 wheels. Motor sport is important in terms sporting participation, volunteering, engineering, advancements in technology, job creation and wider economic benefits.

Summary: our policies and legislation, along with existing planning guidance, allow people to enjoy motor sport while managing the noise environment and without placing an unnecessary burden on businesses that operate as motor sport venues.

The Government considers that it is striking the right balance between those who welcome motor sport and those who have concerns about it. This e-petition remains open to signatures and will be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee should it pass the 100 000 signature threshold.


2014 saw the Britcar endurance championship decided by a solitary point,  what a close season it was and one we will never forget, with the nails being bitten right down to the final minutes in the last race of the season. No-one knew who would finish on the top step of the rostrum.

It’s only been one month since the finish of the season, and its already time to start planning for 2015. We would like to bring to your attention our new breed of championship in 2015.

Firstly we would like to welcome Dunlop who will be the season partner and title sponsor of next year’s championship which will be named the “Dunlop Endurance Championship”. The “DEC” will see 6 rounds next year, with visits to 4 venues based in the UK and once again a very special trip to Spa Francorchamps that will see us through the 2015 season.

The racing structure will see minimal changes compared to 2014 with 1 x 30 minute qualifying and 2 x 90 minute races for all events except for round 3 where we visit Spa under a 2 x 120 minute format and also in round 5 where we will see a 1 x 180 minute race at Silverstone International circuit.

The Trophy series will see a return with a slightly revised championship with a 1 x 30 minute qualifying session followed by 2 x 45 minute races, which will be open to all new comers who would like a small taste of what endurance racing is like, with rolling starts and mid race compulsory pit stops. The trophy series will run on the Sunday as the Dunlop Endurance Championship will be running on the Saturday of the race weekend.

The Calendar can be found for 2015 by clicking HERE

The Regulations can be found for 2015 by clicking HERE

Contact the team by clicking HERE or give us a call on: for a price structure sheet (Available on request) outlining the benefits and savings you will receive whilst participating plus regulations, entry forms to help you get started on your 2015 season in what is shaping up to be one of the most diverse and interesting championships of 2015.