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Nick Jarvis joins the 24hr grid in his Audi S3 run by Backdraft


Over the past two years we (Backdraft Motorsport) have built an Audi S3 2.0T race car specifically with endurance in mind. Having gained a wealth of experience knowledge in endurance racing we have been able to build a competitive based on all the things we have learned over the years. Towards the end of 2014 Nick Jarvis purchased the car and entered the 2015 Dunlop 24hr race at Silverstone. Nick will be driving the car with a the team of drivers (names T.B.C) and we (Backdraft Motorsport) will be running the team. The car it’s self is a 2007 Audi S3 2.0T Quattro and produces approximately 360hp at the fly. Amongst other things it is equipped with air jacks & centre lock wheels for fast wheel changes. Meticulous effort and detail has gone into building the car and it should be an excellent performer, especially in tricky conditions.

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