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Rollcentre Racing Toyota GT86 drive available for the Dunlop 24hr at Silverstone

Drive available in the Dunlop 24hr race in the Rollcentre Racing built GT86.

This car competed in the Silverstone 24 Hours in 2012 and finished 5th in class. The car had no testing prior to the race, as it was built in the preceding six weeks, from a brand new car out of the showroom. It performed totally reliably but was hindered by being hit by another car, and the pace wasn’t quite up to what it should have been.

Another 4 seconds per lap have since been found!

It’s a unique car. It has ABS, Traction control, Power Steering, the biggest brakes possible, coming from a Mosler, with 6 pot Brembos at the front and 4 pots at the rear… stops! The engine is completely stock but chipped to 220bhp.Capture2

Ridiculously easy to drive, and in the wet was one of the fastest cars outright. It’s economic, and reliable, and won’t even need a pad change.

Rollcentre are prepared to rent the car out, and give some assistance to a team, so this is ideal for a team that don’t have a suitable car, but are prepared to do most of the hard work themselves.Capture1

If you are interested in discussing this please contact Martin . The car has already been entered so will benefit from the reduced early bird rates.

If you want the car running by Rollcentre alternatively, we can price for that. If you are a driver looking to join up, then please make contact.

I haven’t worked the budget out yet, but it will be cheap!

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